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Strength and Conditioning Program

Welcome to our FREE Athlete Strength and Conditioning Program.  Here at O'Hara Fitness, we believe that EVERY athlete needs and deserves a program that will transform them into Top Level Athletes.  For over a decade I have been working with Athletes, Teams, and Coaches and have developed programs for every Sport/Athlete/Skill level that is typically played at the Middle School through College level.  During this time, it has become obvious that many programs do not offer a Strength Coach or Program that can help these athletes achieve their goals, which is why we now offer our programs FOR FREE. 

I personally believe that a coach's time should be spent focusing on their sport and not the weight room.  While many football, basketball, track, (list goes on on on...) coaches do an amazing job in the weight room, anytime they place their focus outside their position and channel it towards barbells they tend to spread themselves too thin.  Don't let this happen, let us handle the programming for you.

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What You Get click here)

This program will focus on Strength, Speed, Conditioning, Power, and Agility for all Sports.  Simply decide on which area fits your goals best and get going.  You can email us anytime for questions at:

Massive Strength

Perfect for any Strength Based Sport.  Football, shotput, wrestling, lacrosse, POWERLIFTING, and more.  This program has helped us bring home 14 State Records in Powerlifting, State Championships in Powerlifting and Throwing Events (Track and Field) and develop monstrous athletes.

Speed and Conditioning

Track and Field, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, and any individual who just needs to pick up some FAST movements and last longer.  Don't let your conditioning be the reason you fall behind during a competition.  This program has earned many State Championships for our athletes, especially in Track and Tennis.


We have developed both programs to work perfectly together.  Many of our athletes have done a combo of both Strength and Speed to become a well-rounded machine.  I am a firm believer that every sport needs a focus on strength and speed.  Too often, linemen skip speed work and sprinters skip barbell days.  By combining both you can eliminate all weak spots and be the best athlete possible.

What we ask in return

Thank you for joining us and following our program.  Please follow us on Social Media (Instagram/Tiktok/Youtube/Facebook) and also share with your friends and team.  The bigger this program gets the better we can make it.  

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Our Goal

You are not the only one with a goal to achieve here.  Our main mission as a company is to serve as many people as possible.  Since starting the company in 2012 we have had the privilege of training and coaching Thousands of individuals at our clubs, schools, and camps.  Now after a decade of in-person training, O'Hara Fitness is moving towards a much stronger Online Presence.  The programs you are now going to be following has built countless State Champions, State Record Holders, Nationally Ranked Athletes, and College Bound Athletes.

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