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Heavy Bags for HOME GYM

Need Help Building a Home Gym? Just shoot us a message and we will put together a list of equipment.

When deciding on what type of Heavy Bag to get for a kid, I would go for something that can grow with the kid and also be easily moved. Larger bags and more permanent structures can take up too much space and be a bit of an overkill option for most people/

Bag Option #1 - The Bag

This bag is easily adjustable and won't require a large stand or adding anchors to the ceiling. In 2012 I bought a full stand set-up for our Narberth club and instantly regretted it. Looking back, I should have purchased something like this instead since it is easy to move and takes up much less space.

Option #2 - Additional Training Gear

While not a "Bag", these training mitts have come in handy with our clients and take up almost zero space. I would suggest a full bag over the mitts, but they make for a pretty good add on.

Option #3 - Gloves

I like these since they are easier to get on than traditional gloves and allow for more than just boxing. Standard gloves will not allow for many Karate or other fighting moves and can be a bit bulky and difficult for kids.

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