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Double Tap

Kicking our new Blog off with my favorite "Weak Point" training technique, The Double Tap. The Double Tap or the more painful and exhausting Triple Tap is a very simple principal that gets neglected too often. Every lifter is going to have a weak spot in each major lift, by using the Double Tap you can actually hit the weak point twice and train it to fight through the pain and the sticking point and overtime, turn a weak point into a powerhouse of muscle.

Here's how it goes:

Using the Bench Press as our lift, imagine you are weak off the chest and while you can crush block bench or pin press you just can't hit a full range of motion PR. While there are many ways we address this problem, the easiest way to target the weak area without needing special equipment is to lower the amount of weight on the bar, lower the bar to your chest, move the weight up a few inches, bring it back to the chest and then drive the weight up as hard and fast as possible. The main focus here is to overtrain/over strain the part of the body that isn't hitting the lift - stop avoiding weak areas and start making our weak points your strong points.

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