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Welcome to our Online Coaching Program

Struggling to reach your fitness goals?  Feel like you have tried everything and just can't succeed?  Let us take over!  Join the program that has helped countless others Lose Weight, Reach Their Goals, and live a much HEALTHIER life.


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What You Get

This program is like no other program you have tried before.  Each month you will receive weekly workouts, a diet strategy, workouts videos, guidance, food shopping list, weekly zoom meetings, a community of others sharing the same goals, suggested Amazon products to help you, and the chance to help others with our "Lift It Forward" Program.

Who you help

Whether you discovered us on your own or were recommended via a Booster Club/Organization, every single membership goes towards helping others.  $10 (Minimum) of every monthly payment will go towards a great cause.  Currently, the O'Hara Fitness Cause is raising money to help fight Colon Cancer but as we grow and team up with School Programs, Teams, Organizations, Youth Groups, amongst others, we will be helping to support each and every one of them.  Once you sign up all you need to do is let us know which program you are with, and you will be helping that program out each and every month.


Our Goal

You are not the only one with a goal to achieve here.  Our main mission as a company is to serve as many people as possible.  Since starting the company in 2012 we have had the privilege of training and coaching Thousands of individuals at our clubs, schools, and camps.  Now after a decade of in-person training, O'Hara Fitness is moving towards a much stronger Online Presence.  With each membership we get one step closer to breaking into the Tens of Thousands of Members Trained.  Together we can reach both your fitness/health goals and our company goal.

What to do next

So, what next?  Just sign up and we will take care of the rest.  Once you officially sign up with us, we will send you a Welcome Message that will allow you to let us know a little bit about yourself and what program you have joined to help.  If you are not attached to any of our affiliate organizations, we will automatically place you into our Fight Against Colon Cancer program.  From there you will have access to our Monthly Training and everything else this Online Coaching Program includes.