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Why you need to start Sprinting.

Use Sprints to Boost Strength

When you think strength training, pumping iron probably comes to mind before running wind sprints. However, incorporating some sprint work into your routine can make you remarkably stronger. Here’s how these short, fast running bursts build serious strength:

Muscle Fibers

Sprinting activates fast-twitch muscle fibers in your legs and glutes which are key for explosive strength. Sprints develop these power fibers beyond what lifting alone achieves.

Hormone Release

All-out sprinting triggers substantial release of testosterone and human growth hormone which facilitate muscle and strength gains.

More Muscle Cells

In response to the demands of sprinting, your body adds additional muscle cell nuclei and myonuclei in the trained muscles. This allows more growth and capacity for strength.

Tendon Strength

Tendons adapt to handle the intense impact and loads generated during sprinting, making them denser and more resistant. Stronger connective tissue means lifting heavier.

Recruit More Motor Units

Sprinting requires your body to recruit many more muscle fibers simultaneously. This improves neural signaling so you can activate more strength.

While lifting is still crucial, mixing in some sprints is complement. Shoot for 1-2 sprint sessions weekly, keeping volume low but intensity high. Let sprints boost your strength to new levels!

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