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Blow Up Your Grip

No matter what sport you play, all athletes can drastically benefit from have a stronger, more powerful grip. Even if your grip strength is not needed for your sport, having a stronger grip will improve your training as you prepare for competition.

Let's say you are a swimmer who is looking to improve their back strength but does not handle barbells well due to a poor grip. Obviously, you aren't gripping anything during competition, but you need a strong grip to improve the exercises needed in your training program (pull-ups, lat pulldowns, deadlift, cleans, ect...). Your grip strength might not be as important as a powerlifters for your sport but it can be just as important for your training.

You'll also find that strong fingers, hands, and forearms will allow you to really hit the gym hard and improve all of your lifts. The good news is that improving your grip strength is easy and typically fun. My go to move is holding heavier weights for as long as possible but I also include a lot of odd shaped objects to my routines and a lot of thick grip work. Most gyms/weight rooms won't have the items I use but all athletes can benefit just by holding weight for time. The video attached today is a basic banded deadlift set where I simply just hold the weight as long as I can for 3-4 sets. Doing this after a Deadlift day is a great way to finish the upper back and the grip. Bands aren't needed but I prefer them over using a heavier weight on the bar due to the effect they have on gravity (the higher you hold the bar the more the bands want to slam it back into the ground).

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