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Consistency in the Weight Room

What's the best way to CRUSH your goals with fitness? CONSISTENCY!

The best plan rarely done will deliver zero results while an average plan done often will blow up your gains and put you so much farther ahead than your peers who have been slacking off. Every athlete I have worked with who made an attempt to workout no less than 3 times a week for their full 4 years in HS has left their high school athletic career knowing that not only did they give it their all, but they also dominated the weight room and left some pretty big shoes to fill.

Each year I meet a handful of talented and strong athletes with great potential, but too many of them allow their egos to create a level of laziness that crushes their chances of really making an impact in the weight room. It's a shame but it happens every single year. These are the kids who are natural gifted/talented athletes with the perfect genetics - the ones who should/could be hitting the biggest numbers in the school but once they see how much work is required, they instantly disappear. These were the top dogs in Middle School, the ones that developed muscles before they ever held a barbell and walked in on day 1 thinking they were going to own the place. Know what else happens on day 1? They get crushed by a 95lb bench, crawl off the bench, and never come back. Why? Because the less genetically gifted sophomore next to them is hitting 200lbs like it's nothing and they couldn't press 95lbs. Ego sets in and they are GONE.

That same year, a shy, respectful, hardworking kid will walk in. Listen to everything the older athletes and myself tell him/her and slowly but surely, they begin to climb up the board in weights. Kids who should never have hit a school record in any lift have taken the #1 spot so many times during my career, simply because they just kept coming back and putting in the work. Genetics don't mean shit in a weight room. Showing up is the only thing that matters.

Our State Record Holders are mostly made up of athletes who were turned down by coaches from other sports, given zero respect/chances, cut from teams, and put down by their teammates. These kids just kept pushing through all the B.S. thrown at them and just kept lifting. It's impressive how the shy kid who just wanted to work hard becomes known in the school for a 300+ Bench (boys) almost 200lb (girls), top 15 in the country powerlifting total, 500+ deadlift (boys) 300+ deadlift (girls), and the go to expert in the weight room for any lift (when I'm too busy dealing with freshman and their nonsense). This is 100% because of their consistency. Throw the ego out the window and just LIFT - then come back and do it again, and again. No one ever got weaker by lifting.

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