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Banded PUSH UPS for a bigger BENCH

Are you struggling to crush your next PR on bench? If so, it's time to add some banded Push Ups. This is by far one of the best ways to really build the lockout while developing strength through the full movement. Most athletes, especially younger ones or those new to benching are going to struggling during the lockout. By using this method you can turn your weakest area into a powerful section of the movement.

This method doesn't just help your bench press. I've been working with Shotputters for over a decade now and many of them don't naturally follow through with their arms at the end of the movement and/or lack the strength and power to give it the final push during the last few inches. By adding banded push-ups to the training, our athletes have made it to Districts and States in just 1-2 season of training. We have also taken this method and throw it at our Tennis Athletes, resulting in a much harder and faster swing/serve. If you are an athlete that needs power in the arms - Start adding Banded Push-ups

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