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Cambered Benching

To continue with our Gear of the Week theme this summer we are going to be putting all our focus this week into the Cambered Barbell and how/why we use it. For day 1 this week the focus was BENCH and this bar is incredible when it comes to hitting deep into the chest and really getting those neglected areas. By being able to increase the range of motion by a few inches you can target parts of the chest/shoulders that never get hit. Not only does this allow you to become stronger off the chest (bottom part of the bench) but it also allows you to build the stability muscles needed to protect your chest and shoulders when you are placed in an awkward position in sports. So many injuries could be avoided if athletes were training their bodies in a way that reduces/eliminates weak spots. Too many coaches neglect this concept and for over a decade now, I've seen too many athletes get injured because they just weren't trained to operate in an unconventional manner.

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