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RhinoFlex HD Bar by Bandbell - Front Squats

When it comes to Squats, I have always preferred Front Squats over Back Squats. Being tall I feel this exercise just hits the quads better but also provides more benefits to my overall fitness. Don't get me wrong, Back Squats make their way into almost every LEG DAY (both my own and our athletes) but Front Squats just rank higher for me personally.

This summer, STABILITY and CONTROL is going to make up a large part of our training program with a goal of drastically increasing strength while rehabbing/prehabbing the full body. For athletes, if you can't successfully control your body in every position, you are setting yourself up for injury plus you will never reach your full potential. The Bandbell Bars and the other stability equipment we use are perfect for building up the stabilization in the body while training the body to be strong in weak/uncontrollable areas. Today was actually the first day I used the RhinoFlex Bar for front squats (today was Front Box Squats) and I am blown away by how great this bar works for this movement. This movement is going to find it's place in our summer training and become a major part of our program.

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