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Weight Releasers - Bench Powerhouse

If you've come across any of our videos of us using the Weight Releasers on Bench or Squat and wonder why the answer is very simple: Because It's Awesome!

In all seriousness, many lifters struggle to control heavy weight on the way down which really hinders their chances of getting a new PR and breaking into some seriously heavy weights. The Weight Releasers allow you to go down with a much heavier load than you can typically lift then fire up with a lesser load for either 1 rep or multiple. Getting used to heavy weights is an effective and safe way to get ready to enter the BIG NUMBERS. Think about it, would you try to bench 315lbs before you could even safely bring it to your chest? Using the weight releasers you can slowly increase the weight you can handle going down without the rist of not being able to get the weight pressed back up. As long as you have the height set perfectly this is a safe and amazing way to crush the big numbers. Just make sure you have the height set 100% before adding anything crazy to the bar.

How we use it:

Some days we go HEAVY and I mean insanely HEAVY going down followed by either low weight high reps going up or something a bit heavier for just 1-3 reps. Most days, the bigger focus is just to get used to the heaviest weight possible going down and the weight going up isn't as important but other days we force MAX REP not only to fatigue the muscles but really give the mental side of the lift a massive PUSH.

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