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Build the BACK

Build a Stronger Back for Athletic Dominance

A strong and stable lower back is critical for athletes in any sport, yet often neglected in training. The lumbar spine provides the essential link between your upper and lower body while also supporting the weight of your upper body. Developing lower back strength should be a priority for every athlete.

Increased Power

The lower back contains large powerful muscles including the erector spinae. Strength training these muscles boosts the ability to generate more powerful movements in sports like sprinting, throwing, hitting, and kicking.

Injury Prevention

Lower back pain and injuries are extremely common in athletes. Strengthening the lumbar muscles, ligaments and tendons can help stabilize the spine and reduce the likelihood of painful strains, sprains or herniated discs.

Better Posture

Strong lower back muscles can help reinforce proper spinal alignment and neutral posture. This takes pressure off the spine and improves performance of overhead movements.

Rotational Movement

Exercises that strengthen the obliques and lower back muscles responsible for rotation allows athletes to swing, throw and strike with greater force and control.

Core Stability

The lower back provides the foundation for core stability. Strengthening it provides a base that enables stronger contraction of the abdominals and greater balance and body control.

While the core gets a lot of focus, directly targeting the lower back is often overlooked. A comprehensive workout plan should include moves like deadlifts, good mornings, supermans, and planks to create stability through the lumbar spine. Boost your athleticism with a stronger backside!

Need an affordable piece of equipment to start your back training? Kettlebells are a great option!

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