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Cambered Bench - Why we use it

If you follow our social media accounts you have probably seen us using our Multigrip Cambered Bar during Bench Press. This bar is by far the best bench bar we have ever used. The cambered section nicely wraps around your chest allowing you to go deeper and hit more of the pecs while the multigrip allows you to choose between a few different widths when benching, all in a Neutral Position.

The Neutral Position is AMAZING for shoulder dominate sports. We work with so many shoulder dominant sports athletes that the best thing we can do for them is simply avoid causing any more strain on the joint. This bar is so gentle on the shoulder joints that you can really hit the chest hard without experiencing any shoulder pain.

Added bonus: Think about where you arm is when you throw a shotput, baseball, serve a tennis ball or volleyball. It's not right Infront of your chest like it would be on a straight bar bench, its back further. The muscles used in the early movement of so many different sports movements gets neglected during a standard barbell lift, but not with the cambered bar. Adding an extra 2 inches of muscle driven movement really gets you ready to enter your next competition.

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