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It's something I've said over and over again, there is no athlete out there you won't get better at their sport and training by developing a better grip. You can't lift what you can't hold and too often grip is neglected and overlooked. I've seen so many athletes/coaches make excuses for missing a lift due to the grip but very few actually put the time and effort into building up a massive, crushing grip.

The Axle Bar is such a useful tool when it comes to grip building. Not only does it force the fingers, forearm, and hand to squeeze like never before - it also can be used to increase the fun/intensity of the workout. I've had athletes battle it out over who can do the heaviest Axle Deadlift or the longest Axle Bar hold and it's always an exciting way to wrap up the training for the day.

How we've used it:

There is no set limit on the number of ways you can use these bars. Deadlifts, cleans, presses, holds, curls, reverse curls, Most Weight, Most Reps, it goes on and on... My advice is to get creative and competitive with it. Just keep going until everything gives out.

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