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Cambered Bar Deficit Deadlifts and Rows

Ever crush your toes during deficit deadlifts? The cambered bar isn't just about wrapping around the body to hit new muscles but it is also a HUGE toe protector during deficit deadlifts. By curving around the feet you can safely perform the lift without worrying about the toes getting smashed as you go down. This bar is amazing for this lift but I do find that the straight part of the bar is just too far out so it almost becomes a Snatch Grip Deficit Deadlift - Not bad, but I wish we had a cambered bar more designed for my hand placement on this lift, but being that this bar is really for benching (wrapping around the chest) I get why it can't end the curve earlier.

Wrapped up Deadlift Day with some cambered rows with a bit of a "Cheat" rep added in. This bar is really good for this but when it comes to cambered rows I actually prefer our Mutli-Grip cambered bar for this.

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