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Sandbag Bench - Week of Sandbags

Week 3 of "Gear of the Week" has launched and we are focusing on our Rogue Fitness Sandbags ALL WEEK!

For today, the focus was Bench and the Sandbag Benching was a lot tougher than expected. Our heaviest bag is only 160lbs (Rogue Feed Sack from the Crossfit Games) and the fact that the sand is moving during 100% of the movement really added to the lift. Really wish we had some heavier ones to see what the max I can do is, but I'll settle for 160 for now.

During the lift, I can't say it was really hard, but seconds after the final rep the feeling of being DRAINED really kicked in. This is a lift that is going to find it's way into the workout every few weeks and something our athletes will be handed often.


More of a real life movement, it's extremely rare that you will ever get a completely even load that you have to lift in life and/or sports. Let's say you are a lineman trying to block someone. Your opponent isn't always going to come at you head on, they're going to go to the left or right and you'll have to adjust for it. Or, maybe you need to move something that isn't a barbell - you better be ready to have less weight on one side or it's just not gonna budge.

Again, I'm really impressed with how well this routine went and the Sandbag Bench is going to be repeated quite often moving forward.

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