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When it comes to building a HOME GYM, one of the most important aspects is SPACE! One of the best ways to add as much gym equipment as possible into a small space is to add storage items and space savers to your set up. Since starting my Home Gym in 2022, I have found some great ways to keep items organized and off the floor. I will be including "Non-Gym" items as, like most home gym owners, our home gym shares a space with our garage.

Much like all home gyms tend to grow over time by constantly adding new equipment, we will constantly be adding to this blog. I don't think I'll ever be done adding to my home gym and having the right way to store the equipment is the best way to always have room for one more piece.


These cheap and easy to hang hooks help keep both our gym equipment and tools off the ground and come in a lot of different sizes.

2: The BUCKET Tool Box:

Like I said early, our gym and garage share a space and our tool collection is growing as fast, or faster, than our gym equipment collection. The more organized I can keep the tools, the more space for barbells.

3: Tool Box:

I went with this one because it allows me to connect it to other boxes and storage containers, creating a lot more space and allowing most of our tools to be in one spot.

4: Barbell Storage:

I use booth Floor Storage and Wall Hanging Barbell Racks. The main wall hanger is the Rogue Fitness Gun Rack 6 Barbell Holder, but for most people I would suggest a 2 barbell vertical hanger (unless you have as many barbells as I do, which I stopped counting but it's a lot)

5: Super affordable Misc storage

I don't like having a lot of equipment left on the floor but I also don't like spending a lot of money on storage items. For lighter equipment, storage racks like these can hold up very well.

That's all for now, make sure to check back later as I plan to continue this list as I add more equipment/storage to our home gym.

*Please note: Many of the products we link are associated with Affiliate Programs we are in, while you will not pay extra - we will sometimes receive a commission for any items purchased.

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