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Titan Multi-Grip Cambered Bar

When it comes to Benching, I fully believe that Specialty Bars are a necessity. Sure, you can build a massive bench PR with the standard equipment, but if you want to really train the Chest/Delts/Triceps while cutting back on injuries you should really look into adding some new Barbells to your collection.

When it comes to adding additional Range Of Motion (ROM), my go to bar is the Titan Multi-Grip Cambered Bar. This bar is amazing for hitting those neglected parts of the chest and really putting the Triceps into overdrive. The neutral grip position of this bar and the multiple options for grip are perfect for protecting your joints while dominating the workout. By adding a few extra inches to your movement, the body not only builds new muscles but learns how to continue through the motion without fatigue.

Check it out HERE:

It'll only take 1 workout before you realize how much of an amazing investment this is. Added bonus: Great for ROWS on Back day.

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