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Blow up your ARMS

Has your arm development completely STOPPED? No matter what you do, you still just aren't making any improvements? Below are 3 quick tips to really help get the arms growing again and not only filling up your sleeves but also increasing the weight on all of your lifts.

So, to start, I personally believe that all arm work should be done in a way that increases your main lifts. Huge triceps are great but why not use them to increase your bench and overhead press? Massive biceps stand out but if they aren't creating a larger deadlift than I just don't really care. In addition, if you are an athlete, your arm development should increase your ability to dominate your sport. (Don't just chase appearance, make the arms work for you).

Tip 1:

TRICEPS: You probably are not spending enough time on the triceps and too much time on the biceps. This is very common, especially since the biceps are what stand out most in the mirror. The problem is the triceps should be BIGGER and weak/underdeveloped triceps will result in a lot of arm and shoulder injury. Want to discover the fastest way to end all ARM GAIN? Get injured. It's that simple, an injured arm can't grow.

This is why I suggest you spend more time than ever before on your triceps. For this, you are going to want an even mix of HIGH WEIGHT exercises and HIGH REP exercises. Train the triceps/arms to handle a heavy load followed by some higher rep routines to encourage growth and endurance.

Sample routine:

Heavy close grip bench for 5-8 reps superset with some bicep work.

followed by additional sets of higher rep movements utilizing different angles. I would also suggest you add these movements in with biceps to really get a solid pump and make the most of your time in the gym.

Final triceps tip: DIPS! Many avoid dips but whether you bang out some max rep hanging dips or add in some bench dips (try adding plates to your lap for some extra muscle growth) you can't go wrong with making dips a major part of ARM DAY.

TIP 2:

HAMMER CURLS! I love hammer curls, but it wasn't until recently that I fully utilized the different angles you can perform this exercise with. My latest favorite movement is the Crossover Hammer Curl. I personally feel this is better on the elbow and just hits the arm in a way that is usually neglected. Coming from a background of working with athletes, I don't like to leave any weak areas and I am always looking for ways to improve an athlete's neglected areas.

The crossover hammer is very simple: Start by holding the dumbbell like you would a typically hammer curl but crossover the body to the opposite shoulder. While this is not the most PUMP DRIVEN bicep exercise, it will force some growth in the side of the arms down through the forearm and give you a new way to hit the hammer movement.

Sample routine:

Superset Crossover Hammers with standard hammers using the following rep scheme:

A: Crossover Hammers x 15

B: Hammers x FAILURE

3-5 sets. This style of training should leave your arms DRAINED. I would recommend doing this routine near the end of arm day but before any grip work.

TIP 3:

THICK GRIP: If you follow us on social media, you probably already know that I am a huge fan of grip work, especially thick bars. The good thing about grip work is you don't actually need any fancy equipment; you just need to get creative. I like ending Arm days and Back days with additional grip work and will usually take these movements until your grip is completely fatigued.

Types of grip work I suggest are:

Axl Bars

Thick Pull Up Bars

Grip attachments

And for those without a budget for grip equipment, holding the base of lighter kettlebells or the heads of dumbbells will quickly burn up the grip/forearm and cause the biceps to reach their final level of drainage on arm day.

Why grip:

Once the grip is gone the athlete is DONE. A volleyball player weak in the wrist can't hit the ball with force, tennis player losing control of the racquet will have a weak return, football/wrestlers aren't going to be taking anyway down if they can't hold on. Almost every sport needs a strong grip. Sadly, it's the most neglected aspect of Arm Day. If you spend the final 10-15 minutes of Arm and Back days hitting the grip you will quickly see some amazing results in performance and appearance.

Added bonus: Strong Grip equals MONSTEROUS DEADLIFT.

And there you go, 3 tips to get those arms growing again while improving your sport.

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