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Blow Up Your GRIP

We spend a lot, and I mean A LOT of time building Grip Strength with our athletes. Farmers walkers, holds for time, deadlifts, and Power Cleans will really get the grip growing but for extra strength you really need to take things to a new level. Our grip strength gear is always growing but sometimes all you need to do is simply grab something that is larger than usual. One of the easiest ways to build some powerful hands and forearms is to just hold the head of a dumbbell until everything hurts and then hold a little longer.

The dumbbell "Hold For Time" technique is the more simple exercise you will find. Usually you will only need 10-20lb dumbbells and less than a minute to complete one set. To really get the most out of this exercise, I suggest having athletes battle it out with each other and see how can hold the weight the longest. The harder they fight to win, the better the grip will become.

Why we do this:

1: A strong grip means a strong lift - Lifts like the deadlift and clean will start to really increase, creating a much stronger and more powerful athlete

2: A weak grip can hurt the athlete in many sports. Wrestling, Football, Basketball, and any other sport where holding onto something/someone could make or break the outcome, really needs an athlete to have a massive grip.

3: Grip Strength is just badass

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