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Quick Start to WEIGHT LOSS

Congrats on making your first step towards CRUSHING your Weight Loss Goal! While this journey can be challenging, we are dedicated to taking some of the stress off your plate and helping you speed up the results.

1: Build a community of people who support you. This one will be a hugely important factor. While you can do it alone, you will find that it is much easier and enjoyable to have others supporting you. Don't be afraid to tell your friends, family, and coworkers about your goals. If dropping 20 pounds means a lot to you, it'll mean a lot to those who care about you. Plus, you will find that the fear of disappointing others can be much greater than the fear of disappointing yourself.

2: DIET: You need to make this enjoyable. I've seen a lot of people go through "Fad" diets that just aren't sustainable. Fortunately, eating healthy can be EASY if you keep it basic and fun. Stop picking foods you don't like, there are so many healthy options are there so why stick with ones that you don't enjoy eating. If you have 2-3 favorite protein sources and 3 favorite veggies than you are well on your way to making a massive impact on your goals. Don't like something? Don't eat it. (Please note: this doesn't mean that you can get by with saying I don't like healthy meats and veggies, so you go out and hit up a Fastfood joint. This does mean that you can find exciting ways to cook the foods you enjoy but make them healthier.)

3: Exercise: You gotta do it! Not just as a way to burn off fat but as a way to stay healthy, live longer, be a good example to your family (especially kids if you have them) and build muscle (which in return will eat fat nonstop, even while you are watching TV or sleeping). Early on, I suggest 3 times a week but adding in 1-2 extra smaller workouts a week to keep the progress going is GREAT! Just don't go overboard on week 1 and 2 only to crash on week 3. Three times a week for 6 weeks (18 total workouts) will deliver much more results than 18 workouts in 18 days.

4: Set goals, both Long Term and Short Term, then tell people about them. We already discussed the importance of having a community, now it's time to put that community to work. A goal of 10 pounds on week 1 is not reasonable but a goal of 2 pounds a week for 5 weeks and a great support group to help you celebrate is amazing. 1 pound a week and a goal of 3 workouts and 5 healthy dinners a week is also another great goal, CRUSH your weekly goals and share the excitement with people that mean something to you.

5: Encourage others to join you. This can either be a workout partner who trains with you in-person or a friend who trains on their own but checks in with you to see how your workouts are going. Much like the Community, this method will help you stay on track but also boost your commitment because now you are helping others. You will also find that by sharing what meals, workouts, and habits work for, you will begin to really understand how your body works and responds, helping you really lock in a solid routine that continues to deliver epic results.

There you go, 5 QUICK and EASY tips to Crush Your Goals!


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