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Safety Squat Bar for SHOULDER ATHLETES

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

A question that I've been asked a lot over the years is WHY we use the Safety Squat Bar so often. In fact, during my time at a High School, we were fortunate to have 2 Rogue Fitness Safety Bars ordered for our athletes. Sadly, not enough coaches or athletes knew why or when to use this bar.

I'm not going to list all the reasons the Safety Squat Bar is an important part of an athletes training program, but I am going to list the #1 Reason why we use it:


That's right, for me it is all about the Shoulders. In all my years of coaching, Shoulder Dominate Athletes tend to dominate the weight room. They lift more, are more dedicated, and just a hell of a lot more Hardcore. That being said, overtraining and injuries need to be watched out for. Their sports are already causing so much wear and tear that it would be foolish to even think about trashing their shoulders on Leg Day. The safe and comfortable position the Safety Squat Bar places on the shoulders is ideal for these athletes. Being able to hit some big numbers on the bar without straining the shoulders and just focusing on the legs is such an amazing aspect of this bar. In fact, if there is one specialty bar I would recommend for any weight room, it is the Safety Squat Bar. While it is really only useful for squats (lunges, good mornings, and some other exercises are also good), this bar will protect the shoulders so much that when it's time for other lifts the athlete will be ready to go and fully recovered.

My suggested use:

For all athletes: A minimum of 20-30% of all squat workouts should be done with this bar

For Shoulder Dominate Sports: 50% minimum - That's right, HALF of all squat workouts should be done with this bar, maybe more. This could go as high as 100% during In-Season workouts and for those already suffering from some form of shoulder injury/pain.

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