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Triples - Blow Up Your Bench

Triples can be one of the most beneficial rep systems to your lifts. Too often, lifts focus on the 5-10 range or purely on the singles (too caught up in Max Attempts) but the doubles and triples not only hit the body hard to build strength but gives the mind enough time to focus on each rep, correct mistakes, and allow you to find your weak spots without hitting the high reps that tend to just get sloppy or lazy. One of the techniques that we use is to train an athlete to be able to hit their current PR for 3 before allowing them to go for a new max, this allows the athlete to safely build the muscles and form needed to crush a new PR while also going them the ability to make major jumps instead of the little 5lb celebrations.

I've found that putting more focus on the 2-3 rep range is perfect for targeting the CNS (central nervous system) without depleting it so much that it just cannot recover. Young lifters either never fully hit their CNS potential or overload it to the point of no return (again, too caught up with Max Attempts) but by utilizing the doubles and triples method you can keep the CNS growing, blow up the muscles, lock in the form, and create a more exciting training method.

Something to keep in mind, we also feature A LOT of speed work day with higher reps, many GPP workouts, and almost every workout ends with some form of higher rep/high intensity training.

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