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Why you should always warm up your SHOULDERS

The Critical Shoulder Warm-Up

Your shoulder joints are incredibly mobile, but this also makes them vulnerable to injury - especially when jumping into exercise cold. That's why properly warming up your shoulders before any upper body workout is so important. Here’s what a solid shoulder warm-up does:

- Activates Muscles - Gets the rotator cuff, deltoids, rhomboids and other stabilizers firing to prep for work.

- Lubricates the Joint - Gets synovial fluid moving to reduce friction and risk of impingement.

- Increases Blood Flow - Movement brings blood and oxygen to muscles to prime them for action.

- Improves Range of Motion - Gets muscles and connective tissues more elastic and flexible.

- Reduces Risk of Injury - Warm, loose shoulders are less likely to get strained or torn.

- Enhances Mind-Muscle Connection - Allows you to dial in proper form and technique right from the start.

A dynamic warm-up of arm circles, scapular retractions, and band pull aparts increases muscle temperature. Follow up with some light pressing to get the feel of the movement. Then be sure to stretch the pecs, delts, triceps and lats. Just 5-10 minutes dedicated to the shoulders makes a world of difference in both performance and injury prevention. Don’t skip this crucial step before pressing or training upper body!

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