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Why you need to ad Plyometrics to your workouts

The Power of Plyometrics

Plyometric exercises are key for developing explosive power, strength, and speed. These dynamic movements train your muscles to rapidly transition from an eccentric contraction to a concentric contraction. This is exactly what occurs during athletic activities like sprinting, jumping, and changing direction quickly. Here’s why plyometric training is so beneficial:

- Improves Power - Plyos build powerful hip, leg and glute muscles to boost vertical leap height and horizontal explosiveness.

- Increases Speed - They train your neuromuscular system for lightning quick movements to excel during sprints and acceleration.

- Develops Reactive Ability - The rapid stretch-shortening cycles sharpen body control and balance for reacting on the field.

- Reduces Injury Risk - Stronger tendons and muscles plus neuromuscular coordination helps prevent muscle strains and ligament sprains.

- Enhances Agility - Movements in all planes build proprioception to swiftly change direction and react.

- Complements Other Training - Plyos add unique benefit when combined with weight training and sport-specific work.

Plyometric routines help maximize athletic potential. They are best done 1-2 times per week with rest days in between for recovery. Progress plyometric intensity gradually over time. With proper program design and rest, plyos give your performance an extra edge.

Need a plyo box? Here is the one we use at our Clubs:

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